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All You Should Know About Web Development in 2020

Whether you’re learning to become a web developer, or you’re a fully experienced creative, you should understand the importance of following web development and design trends [our take on the previous year 2019 can be viewed here: Web Development Trends 2019]. Over the last decade, web development has changed dramatically, and now, in a world…
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Open source sustainability: It’s complicated

Over the last few weeks I’ve interviewed a range of open source project maintainers, most of which don’t directly get paid for supporting their projects. Some, like Gerald Combs of Wireshark, eventually get approached by companies (in his case, Riverbed) that have a financial interest in ensuring a project sees active development. But most, whether…
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How to remap keys use Windows 10 PowerToys Keyboard Manager

Version 18 of Windows 10 PowerToys includes a new app called Keyboard Manager. We show you how to access it and how to use it to remap your standard keyboard. Over the years, I have written and re-written about a technique that allows you to remap the keys on a Windows 10 keyboard using a tool found…
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800% surge in VA telehealth visits during COVID-19 pandemic with a boost from T-Mobile

Nearly 20,000 vets connect daily with the VA’s telehealth app thanks to a two-year partnership. Telehealth visits have become the new normal during the coronavirus, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs has nearly 20,000 telehealth visits daily, an 800% increase since before the pandemic. About two years ago, T-Mobile and the VA formed a partnership…
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Monash University researchers use AI technology to examine hospital readmissions

Researchers from Monash College have undertaken a examine utilizing synthetic intelligence (AI) to know the explanations behind hospital readmissions. In accordance with the college, the examine concerned utilizing AI know-how to look at 10 years’ value of affected person data. Particularly, that included 14,000 affected person medical data and the small print of over 327,000…
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